Government betrays construction workers under cover of COVID-19

The CFMEU National Construction Division has slammed the Federal Government for using the coronavirus crisis to betray workers by giving employers new powers to cut wages and conditions with only 24-hours notice.

“Scott Morrison and Christian Porter have shown complete contempt for the workers who have continued building the nation and have failed the test of governing for all Australians. Instead they’ve gone straight back to form and gotten straight back into bed with the CEOs of big corporations,” said Dave Noonan, CFMEU National Construction Secretary.

“Construction workers around Australia have continued their work under difficult circumstances at a time when people have been forced out of their jobs and entire sectors have been shut down.”

“Construction unions and employers have worked together to keep the industry working safely and productively to keep people in jobs, to keep businesses afloat, and to maintain the role of construction as a powerhouse of the national economy at this critical time.”

“This move by the Government is a stunning betrayal of these efforts to work collectively in the national interest.”

Under the new rules, workers’ wages and conditions can be changed with only 24-hours notice and will be set in concrete even after the Covid-19 crisis is over.

The Government’s announcement was made at the demand of the Business Council of Australia which represents the CEOs of the 100 biggest corporations in the country. Their membership includes building giant, Cimic, who use their market power to screw small businesses in the construction industry.

Dave Noonan on the stump.

“Any construction worker who is told to vote to change their agreement should contact the union immediately”, said Dave Noonan.

“We’ll continue to work cooperatively with employers who want to work with workers and unions to get through the current crisis.”

“But any company which chooses confrontation over cooperation will find out that construction workers know better than any how to stand up and defend their rights at work.”


  1. Scott Morrison and his colleagues are the biggest bunch of scumbags that Australian workers have had to deal with in a long time.

  2. I believe this is all a fairy tale and if it was all as bad as lead to believe we should of either been paid full to stay at home or double and a half. If its all so dandrous. Why put our brothers in danger for flat rate.

  3. #ScottyFromMarketing wants to play B.S. games, the every Construction worker working on big jobs for the Govt should strike! Who the feck does this corrupt a$$hole think he is ffs?

  4. Slow to react to fires then burns the people that do all the work. How does this rubbish pass through parliament ?

  5. This is the worst prime minister in the history of our entire existence wait till the taxes double and his mate s get exemptions, let alone the 7 trillion dollar deficit that he has run up budget that one fuckwit

  6. This is the worst prime minister in the history of our entire existence wait till the taxes double and his mate s get exemptions, let alone the 7 trillion dollar deficit that he has run up budget that one you turd

  7. So does this mean Australians can cut his paye also ? After all he is technically employed by Australian Citizens. Just askin .

  8. The legislation says that employers can give 24 hours notice of a vote on a change of EBA conditions. If every worker votes “No to change, change does not happen. If employers want an automatic “No change” vote, they are going to get it. No discussion, no change.

  9. Simply making and enforcing this deal at this particular time shows an underhandedness and callous attitude toward Australia’s citizens and hard working taxpayers Australia needs political leaders whom are straight forward with its citizens leaders who want to build the country and improve general living conditions and create employment for our children’s future
    we don’t require political leaders whose agenda is something other than ours we require political leaders who are willing to come up with means and ways to create money’s without selling Australia or borrowing it without ways of paying it back basically politicians who are willing to get out of bed and do their job

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