Stand and deliver quality

The CFMEU has developed a policy document that provides a blueprint for how WA can better use taxpayer’s money to deliver quality infrastructure on time and on budget.

The fully researched policy, called ‘Delivering Quality for WA’ was presented to the State Government. It lays bare the corrupt but widespread practice of deliberate under-quoting to win Government contracts, and then failing to deliver on time, on budget, or to specification, leaving the WA taxpayer to foot the bill for the fix ups.

CFMEU members joined State Secretary, Mick Buchan to present the document to Labor MLC Matt Swinbourn at Parliament House.

Mick Buchan believes the policy provides an intelligent and effective way to stop the race to the bottom on government projects. It looks in detail at what has gone wrong and why. But it also delivers tangible solutions to bring better, more productive outcomes, going forward.

“This includes better value and quality for WA taxpayers, but also more job opportunities and job security with fair wages, better safety and proper conditions for construction workers.”

“Cheap doesn’t mean value. Cheap just means cheap. We want to build safe, quality projects up to a standard not down to a price. And to do that we need to move to a model where WA gets the best value over the total life of a project, for the taxpayer, for workers and for the whole community.”

Copies of the full policy document are available through the CFMEU WA website at